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Syria, the Isis mass surrender continue in Deir Ezzor. SDF open a new camp

In Syria mass surrenders of the Daesh jihadists and their families to the SDF continue in Baghuz Fawqani area. Jazeera Storm builds a new camp, which joins Al Hawl, to manage the high flow of militia and relatives who give up

The mass surrender of the Isis militias to the SDF in Baghuz Fawqani continues in Syria. In the last hours more than a hundred militiamen of the Islamic State have give up to the troops of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm). Together with them also a thousand civilians, most of whom are jihadist families. The Arab-Kurdish fighters were forced to set up a new refugee camp in Deir Ezzor. Al-Hawl’s, in fact, is already full and there is a risk of attacks by Daesh elements to free the comrades and relatives. The infrastructure is always located in the Hasakah area. It is not clear, however, if it will be dedicated exclusively to IS fundamentalists and relatives, or if there are also inhabitants who fleed from the south. It will be set up in a few days, to reduce the inconvenience due to overcrowding of the other camp.

Anti-Daesh operations continue in Iraq, while Baghdad announces that it will also prosecute foreign fighters. Provided they have committed crimes in the country

Meanwhile, operations continue in Iraq to neutralize the Isis militias, which have crossed from Syria through the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). The ISF and INIS are carrying out maneuvers in different parts of the Middle Eastern country, aimed at destroying the leadership of the Islamic State and its operational capacity. In addition, local jihadists and foreign fighters handing over by SDF to Iraqi forces continue. In their regard, Baghdad has made it known that if they have committed crimes against the population or installations in the nation, they will be the latter to prosecute them. Regardless of their nationality. This is the case, for example, of the 14 French elements Daesh that Jazeera Storm has extradited from Deir Ezzor in recent days. The Iraqi president, Barham Saleh, in a press conference with his Paris counterpart Emmanuel Macron, was clear about it. And the other party had nothing to say.

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