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Syria, the Isis leaders begin to flee after al-Baghdadi’s death

Mass escapes of ISIS leaders from Syria begin, following the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The SDF and the International Coalition arrested several. It is only the beginning of the offensive aimed at the Islamic State commanders

The death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, although Isis has not yet reacted officially, has had effects already immediately. In Syria, the heads of the Islamic State have begun to emerge from their hiding places to try to escape. But thanks to that, they have become targets for the SDF and the International Coalition. This is confirmed by a series of targeted operations, which took place in the last hours, in the eastern part of the country. From Manbij to Deir Ezzor, passing through Hasaka. In addition, Jazeera Storm’s spokesman, Mustefa Bali, said several senior Daesh commanders were arrested. To these are added others, killed during gunfights. According to local sources, however, the maneuvers have just begun. In fact, in the near future, there will be other raids against IS leaders throughout the quadrant. Some are already planned, while others are being finalized.

Meanwhile, Jazeera Storm continues the hunt for Daesh cells between Deir Ezzor and Hasaka. Moreover, it strengthens the supervision in anticipation of possible IS revenge. Moreover, the US military are deploying to protect oil fields

Meanwhile, in the East of Syria, SDF operations continue to dismantle Isis cells. The last group of the Islamic State was discovered and neutralized in the village of al-Salihiyya, north of Raqqa. Others, instead, have been eliminated in Busayrah and Shaddadi (Deir Ezzor). At the same time, security has been reinforced throughout the region. This is because it is feared that the death of al-Baghdadi could trigger vendettas by the Daesh militia. Consequently, the Kurdish forces have increased the fixed and mobile garrisons in the most vulnerable places, starting from the Al-Hol camp. In addition, some 500 US troops arrived from Iraq. Their task will be to ensure the protection of oil fields, Al-Omar in the first place.

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