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Syria, the Isis foreign fighters held by the SDF reached 2,000

The SDF at Deir Ezzor hold 2,000 Isis foreign fighters. Before the defeat of the Islamic State in Baghouz there were less than 1,500. The number has risen thanks to the targeted manhunts of Jazeera Storm

The Isis foreign fighters, held by the SDF in Deir Ezzor, reached 2,000. This was stated by a US official at CNN, explaining that only a fraction are American citizens. This confirms that the manhunt launched by Jazeera Storm in the Syrian province is bearing fruit. As soon as the Islamic State was definitively defeated in Baghouz, in fact, the foreign militants in the hands of the Arab-Kurd forces were less than 1,500. In recent days, however, there have been new mass surrenders and raids, that led to a series of arrests, which have increased their numbers. Overall, according to local sources, the SDF manage around 9,000 foreign prisoners. Most are members of jihadist families, wives and children, who followed them in jihad and who were released when food supplies ended, or blocked during anti-terrorist maneuvers.

Also in Iraq a maxi-offensive is underway to eliminate a dangerous Daesh group. The ISF close the militiamen north of Lake Hamrin, west of Qara Tapa

The manhunts to the Isis fugitives, however, continue. Both in Syria and in Iraq, where the ISF have encircled the Islamic State militiamen in a small area in the Hamrin mountains. Here, land operations and air raids are underway to destroy the jihadist group that has hidden in the area, as well as its network of tunnels and shelters in Diyala. It seems that most of the Daesh fundamentalists have concentrated north of Lake Hamrin, west of Qara Tapa. As a result, Iraqi anti-terrorist forces are carrying out blitzes to progressively reduce their freedom of movements. This, in order to launch the final attack against IS. Some elements of the group, however, managed to escape and are heading towards the Hadr desert, between Anbar and Nineveh. The goal is to reach their companions, as the stronghold on the mountains is almost lost.

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