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Syria, the Iraqi PMF enter Deir Ezzor to eliminate Isis

Iraqi Shiite paramilitary forces (PMF) entered Deir Ezzor to hunt down the Isis militias in Baghuz. Meanwhile, the Coalition continues to attack the Islamic State in Hajin

Iraqi Shiite paramilitary forces (PMF) have entered Deir Ezzor and are hunting down Isis militiamen. In a short time, the PMF conquered about thirty positions of ​​the Islamic State in the Baghuz area, forcing the jihadists to withdraw more within Syria. The militia intervened after the temporary freezing of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm), which saw most of the SDF units converge towards the north of the Middle Eastern country to counter Turkey’s attacks. Meanwhile, the International Coalition continues to bomb Daesh defenses. Above all in Hajin. So much so that from 28 October to 3 November there were over 100 air raids and artillery attacks in the area.

The Syrian army (SAA) receives reinforcements: it fears that Daesh is preparing to attack Abu Kamal to reunite its pockets. In fact, that to the west is the only way for the jihadists. To the east they have no space

Meanwhile, Isis in Deir Ezzor seems to look to the west to join the pocket in the area with the one in the Badia desert. The Syrian army (SAA) has understood this and continues to receive reinforcements especially in ​​Abu Kamal. In fact, there is probably an imminent offensive beyond the Euphrates. This is because the Islamic State knows that the only space left is towards that quadrant. Some militiamen tried to extend the controlled territory east to Iraq, but they were annihilated. There is talk of dozens of dead in the ranks of Daesh. This thanks to the intervention of the SDF remained in the area and of the international partners, who in a few hours forced the jihadists to flee from where they had come.

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