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Syria, the head of the Islamic State killed in the eastern quadrant

The head of the Islamic State in eastern Syria has been killed. Hamza al-Homsi died in an SDF-Inherent Resolve raid. The same fate suffered by Ibrahim al-Qahtani, an expert in attacks on prisons. Pro-ISIS jihadists are in crisis

Hamza al-Homsi, one of the leaders of the Islamic State in Syria, was killed during an airborne raid by the SDF and Inherent Resolve, in which four American soldiers and a working dog were injured when the pro-ISIS commander activated his explosive belt. The man was in charge of militia operations in the east of the Middle Eastern country. Just a few days earlier, a similar operation had led to the death of Ibrahim al-Qahtani, a terrorist specialized in planning attacks on the prisons of the quadrant where the IS fundamentalists are being held. The loss of the two leaders, who cannot be replaced easily and quickly, deals a violent blow to the Islamic State. The operational capacity of the jihadists, in fact, has drastically reduced. This is also thanks to the recent “Retaliation For Raqqa Martyrs” maneuvers in Raqqa. Furthermore, it is not excluded that the information useful for tracking down al-Homsi and al-Qahtani did not come from the 127 militiamen captured during the operation.

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