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Syria, the “game” between Turkey-Damascus from Idlib moves to Ain Issa?

Does the game between Turkey and Syria move to Ain Issa? Damascus surprisingly sends many reinforcements to the SAA. Does Assad just want to show his muscles or is there anything else?

The “game” between Turkey and Damascus, due to the stall in Idlib, could move to north east Syria. The Kurdistan border quadrant with the Ankara area of ​​influence has suddenly returned to the fore. This because Bashar Assad has just sent massive reinforcements to the army (SAA) in Ain Issa. There is talk of hundreds of men together with pieces of artillery and armored vehicles. It is not clear whether what is happening, if it’s just an action to “show the muscles” or if there is something else in the air. Certainly the city is located on the M4, the highway which, between Trumba and Ain al-Havr, should be jointly patrolled by the military of the TAF and Russia. But which at the moment is only covered in a short stretch for security threats, I doubt the roadblocks created by the population and the threats of the local rebel groups.

Meanwhile, the military stalemate continues in Idlib. Ankara tries to unlock the issue of joint patrols with Russia along the M4

Meanwhile, military stalemate and substantial respect for the truce continues in Idlib. In past 24 hours there has been only one violation (both sides). The Damascus army attacked a Turkish convoy near Jisr Ashughour. This sparked the response from the TAF artillery, which bombed SAA units towards Arihah. In addition, Ankara continues to send reinforcements, vehicles and equipment to Syria and has opened a military base in the Al-Jeneh area. Assad’s soldiers, however, continue the offensive between the province and Hama. At the moment the toughest clashes are recorded around the mountain of Zawiyah. Furthermore, the issue of Russia-Turkey joint patrols on the M4 remains unsolved. Local sources reveal that negotiations are underway with local groups and the population, but they however have not yet achieved results. In fact, the activities are frozen.

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