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Syria, the first Russia-Turkey joint patrol arrives in Latakia from Idlib

The first Russia-Turkey joint patrol arrives in Latakia. It left Taranba and stopped at Ain Hour. The goal was achieved thanks to an Ankara double work. On the one hand it strengthened the TAF garrisons on the M4 in Idlib, on the other it carried on a parallel militia with the militias

The first Russia-Turkey joint patrol arrived in Latakia from Idlib, passing on the M4. Local sources confirm this, adding that it departed from Taranba. This was possible thanks to a double job by Ankara, which on the one hand strengthened the presence of the TAF on the highway (the last garrison set up is in Ariha). On the other, it developed parallel diplomacy in the Syrian province to find an agreement with local militias. In particular with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) who, from an enemy, quickly became an ally. The dangers for convoys, however, are not over. It is no coincidence that the technicians neutralized several mines on the route and Turkish troops were forced to stop at Ain Hour, having entered an area controlled by armed opponents. Moscow soldiers, however, continued to Ain Bayda.

The March 5 agreement between Putin and Erdogan has been fulfilled, and the joint pads are likely to move east to Ain Issa. Meanwhile, Damascus still tries to take Barah

This joint Russia-Turkey activity on the M4 is likely to be among the last in Idlib. This is because the goal set by the March 5 agreement between presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been achieved. Ankara stopped the Spring Shield operation in the Syrian province and joint patrols were carried out on the Aleppo-Latakia highway, from Taranba to Ain Hour. In addition, the area around had to be cleared for six kilometers. According to the experts, the next convoys will probably be only TAF vehicles for the security of the road infrastructure and fixed garrisons. The joint activities, on the other hand, will move further east to Ain Issa, where maneuvers from the two countries are already underway. Meanwhile, Damascus continues its air raid and bombing campaign to take Barah. In the past there have also been attempts on the ground, but local rebels have managed to maintain defenses.

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