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Syria, the final battle of the SDF against Isis to Deir Ezzor began

The final battle between the SDF and Isis in Deir Ezzor began. Jazeera Storm arrives on the outskirts of Marashidah and forces the Islamic State to fall back to the center

The final battle of the SDF against Isis in Marashidah began. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops have already forced the militiamen of the Islamic State to withdraw from the outskirts of the village towards the center. Syrian fighters have launched the invasion via the northern bridge, one of those connecting the area to the rest of the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). At the moment violent clashes are taking place and there are waves of civilians fleeing towards other areas. Meanwhile, Daesh jihadists have launched a surprise attack on Shajla, gaining ground for several hours. The defenses of the Kurdish Arab forces, however, held up and the fundamentalists were rejected. In addition, the SDF went to the counterattack. Following this, numerous IS elements have turned to the northwest or to other locations in Deir Ezzor.

Meanwhile, the arrests and surrenders of the Daesh militia multiply throughout the MERV. Those who still fight are the most orthodox or those who have no alternative

Meanwhile, arrests by the ISIS militia SDF continue throughout Deir Ezzor. Both local and foreign fighters. Many other militiamen of the Islamic State, however, have surrendered to Jazeera Storm. The few left to fight are the most orthodox jihadists and those who would not know where to go. However, they are less and less with light resources. And the counterattack attempts, all failed, further reduce their number and available stocks. It is thought, in fact, that Marashidah will be taken by the end of the week and that the entire Syrian province could be declared IS free in the next. What will remain will be small pockets and sleeper cells of fundamentalists, which, however, do not cause particular concern. In fact, there are already several Arab-Kurdish teams working to identify and dismantle them.

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