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Syria, the EU sanctions individuals and entities who recruited mercenaries to send to Ukraine

The EU sanctions Syrian individuals and entities who recruited mercenaries to send to Ukraine. They are soldiers, businessmen and militiamen, who cooperated with the Wagner group to provide support to Russia

The EU has imposed sanctions on 10 Syrian citizens and two entities, accused of recruiting mercenaries to be sent to Syria to fight alongside Russia. Among them there are:

  • business man Issam Shammout, owner of Cham Wings airline;
  • Colonel of the Syrian Army (SAA), Saleh Al-Abdullah, who selected men in the 16th brigade on behalf of Mosva;
  • Muhammad Al-Salti, commander of the Palestine Liberation Army.

The companies that ended up on the European black list, on the other hand, are Sanad Protection and Security Services and the Al-Sayyad Company for Guarding and Protection Services. The latter, moreover, in recent years had become known as “ISIS Hunters”, as its men went hunting for the jihadists of the Islamic State in the Middle Eastern country. Both companies have links with the Russian contractors of the Wagner group.

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