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Syria, the earthquake in the West increases security risks

The earthquake in western Syria increases security risks. Militia and terrorists will have more chances to hit by exploiting the “distraction” of the enemies. The areas involved are those of clashes with pro-Turkey groups and with Russian bases

The earthquake in Syria, which has so far caused almost 300 deaths and over a thousand of injured among the population, could lead to changes in terms of security. The areas most affected, in fact, are 58 and located above all in the Western region, where a war is underway between the army of Damascus (SAA) and the pro-Turkey militiamen, as well as where the main Russian aero-naval bases are present . From Latakia and Hama via Aleppo, Idlib and Tartus. The damage, according to the local authorities themselves, is extensive and involves both buildings and roads. Following this, on the one hand it will be more difficult to move around the quadrant and on the other, the SAA and security forces are concentrated to manage the emergency. As a result, militiamen and terrorists will have more room to maneuver to regroup or strike their targets, taking advantage of the “distraction” of the enemies and the chaos caused by the earthquake.

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