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Syria, the danger of a Third World War remains concrete

Trump asserts that the attack in Syria “could occur very soon, or not”. Meanwhile, he is holding dialogues with NSC, France, United States

In Syria the risk of a Third World War, caused by the escalation of the pre-announced military attack against the regime of Damascus, is still concrete. The USA president, Donald Trump, asserts that he never declared when action would take place. “It might occur very soon, or not,” he underlined implying that there is a chance of a strike against the middle eastern country. And to confirm this, a few hours ago the tycoon met National Security Council (NSC) to discuss the situation. Moreover, he has had telephone conversations with the UK prime minister, Theresa May, and with the French president, Emmanuel Macron. Once the rounds of consultations are over Trump’s staff has made it known that the president still hasn’t taken a final decision on the American response to the gas attack against Douma (presumably chlorine). The action was blamed on the regime of Bashar Assad. This hypothesis was endorsed by Paris, of which they declared having proof.

The USA response to the gas attack on Douma, blamed on Damascus, is practically ascertained

Trump exposed himself too much to go back. It remains to be seen when this will happen, what the targets will be and what weapons will be used. That there will be a “punitive” measure against the Syrian regime is taken for granted. Trump exposed himself too much to go back today. It remains to be seen when and how this will happen. If, as some analysts believe, it will be more of a demonstrative gesture, then probably the consequences will be limited. On the contrary, if it should hit sensitive and direct targets for Damascus and Russia, there would be a real possibility of retaliation which could briefly trigger off an escalation. Also concerning the timing there are some suggestions. Several analysts think that the USA president will wait till the naval groups arrive in the seas in front of the middle eastern country. It remains to be seen which are the “weapons” and the carriers used. It is assumed that from Tomahawk missiles (like on 7th April 2017) to the new PGMs, as well as cyberwarfare and raids by special forces will be used.

Meanwhile, the OPAC inspectors are arriving in Syria. They will start working on 14th April to establish whether in Ghouta chemical weapons were used, and if so, of which kind and from who

In the meantime, the USA forces are all in state of maximum alert. Above all, the aircraft fighters and the bombers, lined up in the bases in Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar. These would be the first to be used, in the case of an air campaign option, although limited and in a contained area. Moreover, the P-8A Poseidon are continuing to patrol the quadrant from Latakia to Lebanon, in order to detect any possible action, maneuvers or anonymous signals. Damascus, instead, according to local sources is continuing to move, as a precaution, its equipment towards structures controlled by Russia. Furthermore, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), is arriving in the country and on 14 April will begin to investigate to understand whether at Douma the attack really was with chemical weapons, and if so of what kind and under who’s responsibility.

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