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Syria, the army attacks the Daesh at Deir Ezzor and prepares the invasion of Douma

The Syrian Army in Ghouta is getting ready to invade Douma. At Deir Ezzor it launches an offensive against the Daesh in the desert of Hamad. The objective is to take Badia Sham

The Syrian army (SAA) in Ghouta is increasing its efforts in 2 areas. The first is eastern Ghouta, where it is about to launch a mass attack against Douma. This is the last area still in the hands of the rebels of Jaish al-Islam, together with – partially – the southern enclave. The second is the southern area of Deir Ezzor. Here the target is the last pocket of resistance of the Islamic State in the south west quadrant, in the Hamad desert. The operations in the first case are about to begin. In the second, instead, they have just started. As a matter of fact, the Daesh has already lost several desert areas near Badia Sham. The soldiers are moving forward from east, with the objective of conquering as fast as possible lake Faydat al-Jubb, the main water source of the entire quadrant. In all probability, Isis will try to maintain its control for as long as possible, given the local morphological conditions and given the scarce resources available to the jihadists.

At Deir Ezzor the Islamic State continues to attack the SAA at Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal), but with the Hamad desert operation the situation is bound to change

At Deir Ezzor, however, the SAA is engaged on a second front against the Islamic State: in the area of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal). The results are fluctuating. The Syrian soldiers have managed up to now to block all attempts of a counterattack, but at the cost of many lives among their ranks. Moreover, the Daesh militia are not giving up and are periodically launching new actions. The situation, however, could change with the ongoing operation carried out in the Hamad desert. Isis, pressed by the army, will have to struggle to send new units to the deep south of Deir Ezzor. Every single military will be necessary to defend the quadrant. The only ones that could provide support in this sense could be the jihadists from the north-eastern area of the province or from Iraq (Qaim). In the province of Anbar, however, the security forces of Baghdad are conducting massive operations to stop the Isis terrorists. During the last of these the commander of the desert area and his lieutenant were arrested.

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