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Syria, the anti-Islamic State SDF and Inherent Resolve operation in Al-Hol will continue


The anti-Islamic State SDF and Inherent Resolve operation in Al-Hol will continue. General Kurilla (CENTCOM): The pro-ISIS jihadists try to radicalize especially the younger ones. A political solution is needed to stop them

The SDF and Inherent Resolve operation against the Islamic State in Al-Hol camp does not stop. This was confirmed by General Michael “Erik” Kurilla, head of CENTCOM, the US central military command. The facility currently houses around 56,000 people, of which over 90% are women and children, who live in very bad conditions. Pro-ISIS jihadists try to take advantage of the situation to consolidate and extend their influence not only in Syria, but also throughout the region. Above all, taking into account the fact that around 70% of the camp’s inhabitants are under the age of 12 and therefore are more vulnerable to radicalization and militia recruitment efforts. Kurilla, confirming the continuation of joint anti-IS activities, however, reiterated that the solution to this situation cannot be military. Nations must repatriate their citizens and initiate rehabilitation-reintegration programs in their respective societies.

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