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Syria, the anti-Daesh offensive of SDF and ISF at Deir Ezzor gets to the heart

The joint offensive SDF and ISF at Deir Ezzor against Daesh gets to the heart. Jazeera Storm attacks on the southern axe (from Hajin to Harse) and the Iraqi forces on the eastern one (in the MERV)

The joint operation between the SDF and the Iraqi ISF gets to the heart in its efforts to chase out Daesh from the province. The Arab-Kurdish forces of Jazeera Storm (Cizire Storm), after having taken over the strategic city of Baghuz, are attacking the Islamic State on the front which goes from Hajin to Harse. In the meantime, the US-led Coalition bombed the area of Sha’Fah. The objective was to break the front even further, splitting it in two parts, in order to facilitate the attacks against the jihadists. The air force of Baghdad, instead, is operating on the eastern side: in the area situated in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) and which goes up to the border with Iraq. In the past hours there has been a new air raid, always on Dashisha quadrant. During the operation a command centre and a logistic centre of Isis were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Arab-Kurdish forces together with the Usa and the Coalition are verifying that the anti-Isis maneuvers are carrying on. In the Syrian province electricity is now back and efficient after 3 years

At the same time, Inherent Resolve and the US Central Command for military operations (CENTCOM) met at a summit the SDF leaders to evaluate the state of progress of Jazeera Storm at Deir Ezzor. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the details and future steps of the maneuvers which are however proceeding rapidly. As a matter of fact the offensive, which has officially started again only on 1 May, has seen the Arab-Kurdish forces take back from the Daesh already 64 square kilometers. And also, besides fighting against the Islamic State they are clearing the area from Isis ordnance, so that the the local population can rapidly and securely return to their homes. Meanwhile, in the Syrian province electricity is now working well again after three years of interruptions and intermittent circulation. This was due to the invasion of jihadists and following battles, which ended with the defeat of the group, but also caused the partial destruction of the infrastructures.

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