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Syria, the Al-Hamza Division imposes protection money on Aleppo population

The Al-Hamza Division imposes protection money on Aleppo population. The pro-Turkey militia introduces the “protection tax” in northern Syria to compensate for the stop of aid by Ankara. Those who do not pay are subject to theft and attacks

The pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria are beginning to impose “protection money” on the population. The Al-Hamza Division has introduced the “protection tax” in some villages in the area in Aleppo, which must be paid at local municipalities. Those who do not join will risk their safety or that their property will be stolen. The extortion, the first on people directly but only the last on various basic necessities such as fuel in the province, has a very specific objective: to make up for the cut in aid by Ankara and the continuous blackmail imposed by Hayat Tahrir on the -Sham (HTS) to the minor factions, as the Qaedist group is the only one that manages and distributes the resources arriving from the neighboring country. This situation, however, has already caused an internal war between the allied formations of the TAF, which do not hesitate to fight each other in order not to lose what little is granted or to grab the last of the others.


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