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Syria: tension in Kurdistan between Turkey, Russia, SDF and SAA skyrockets

New infiltration attempt by pro-Turkey militias in Ain Issa. In the meantime, bases proliferate in the M4 area. The last is the Russian one

New attempt to infiltrate Kurdistan by pro-Turkey militias. The area is always Ain Issa. The SDF blocked a group of enemies near the M4, on the Mu’allaq village outskirt. They withdrew after a battle lasting several hours. The episode is only the latest in a long series, which did not stop even with the arrival of Russian soldiers in the quadrant. The troops of the Federation, after having begun to dig a deep trench along the highway to keep the parts separate, have carried out some reconnaissance missions. In addition, Moscow has sent reinforcements (men and vehicles) to its new base located about four kilometers south of Ain Issa. The structure, once used by Inherent Resolve in the war against the Islamic State, then passed to the Kurdish forces and finally to the Syrian army (SAA), which has been hosting the Russian military for a few days.

In Kurdistan, tension is skyrocketing between soldiers from Ankara, Moscow SDF and SAA

Now, in the Ain Issa area there are therefore two Turkish bases and a Russian one a short distance away. In between are the Syrian army, which has just received reinforcements, and the SDF. Everyone has their own agenda, which does not always coincide with that of the others. Everyone, however, fears that Ankara is preparing a possible offensive in Kurdistan to take control of the M4. So far the attacks on the Kurdish forces have been carried out by the TAF allied militias, but it is not excluded that in the near future these will have the support of the soldiers, thanks to the two bases. The tension in the quadrant, in fact, is skyrocketing and there is the risk that a simple accident could fuel an escalation with unpredictable outcomes.

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