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Syria, surprise SDF bio-enrollment against the Islamic State in Al-Hol


Surprise bio-enrollment operation by the SDF against the Islamic State in Al-Hol. All the displaced people in the Hasaka camp were identified and 9 IS militiamen were arrested, including a leader for recruiting

Surprise operation by the SDF against the Islamic State in the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka. The Arab Kurdish forces have begun to carry out an identification activity (still in progress), a “bio-enrollment”, towards all occupants, men and women, of the sectors of the structure dedicated to the displaced. These had been the scene of a recent escalation of homicides blamed on pro-IS cells. The result was the arrest of nine terrorists, who had links with groups in the Syrian region, and of a leader. This is called Abu Sa’ed al-Iraqi and for a long time he managed and organized the recruitments in the ranks of the formation. In addition, a precise count was made of all occupants of the area, which for the first time were surveyed in depth. Over 5,000 members of the SDF and various related units participated in the maneuvers.

For the jihadists to operate in the structure will be much more difficult, also thanks to the raids against the logistic cells and facilitators in the Syrian province

The arrests and bio-enrollment carried out by the SDF in Al-Hol deal a severe blow to the Islamic State, which uses the camp to spread propaganda and recruit, even forcibly, new members. Especially through women, coordinated by leaders (such as al-Iraqi) and who communicate with external groups, they still have strong ties with. These, however, have so far exploited the lack of knowledge of the Arab-Kurdish forces on how many displaced people actually were in the facility and on their identities to smuggle men, weapons and equipment, as well as to eliminate “obstacles” without being prosecuted. From today, however, the situation changes. This is also thanks to the operations that the SDF together with Inherent Resolve are carrying out in the Syrian region against the logistics and facilitator cells.

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