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Syria, south of Hajin, the SDF attack the Islamic State by surprise

The SDF, south of Hajin, in the area of Abu Hassan, attack Isis by surprise

The SDF attack Isis by surprise south of Hajin, in the area of Abu Hassan. The objective of the troops of Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) is to isolate the militants in the city, cutting them off from their companions in the extreme southern area of Deir Ezzor east of the Euphrates. In particular Sha’fah. Incidentally, in the area violent fights are going on between Syrian fighters and the Islamic State. The first, though, also benefit from close air support (CAS) by the International Coalition, which in the last hours has weakened the defenses of jihadists in view of land maneuvers. Later, it has started to patrol intensely the quadrant in order to prevent attempts of ambushed and to oblige the terrorists to move cautiously. Meanwhile, other forces led by Kurds are keeping IS busy at Hajin, in order to maintain the maximum level of pressing, especially in the north and the east.

Damascus is going on with air raids and ground attacks at Ghouta. This despite international disapproval and the resolution from the UN to cease fire

In the meantime, Damascus says that despite the International criticism for the huge number of civil victims and for the devastation, the Syrian Army (SAA) will continue its offensive against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in west Ghouta. The air fighters of the president Bashar Assad, in fact, in the last hours have bombed Duma, Mudayrah, Irbin and Harasta. Here a ground offensive is also going on against HTS, which is moving towards the centre of the area, while the artillery
of the SAA attacked the jihadisti ad Al Shifoniya. But although the soldiers are advancing in the west, in the east they are retreating. In particular at Hawash Dawahirah where Damascus has lost tens of men and also a few tanks. The resolution from the UN Security Council for a humanitarian truce of 30 days in the whole country was ignored. The Syrian government considers the rebels as terrorists, and therefore excluded from the cease-fire.

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