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Syria, someone is eliminating the Sultan Murad Division leadership

Someone is eliminating the leadership of the Sultan Murad Division in Syria. The targets are the commanders of the pro-Turkey faction in Aleppo. The murder campaign is part of the war between militias

Someone is systematically killing the leaders of the Sultan Murad Division, one of the local pro-Turkey militias in Syria. The last to lose his life was a member of the escort of a high commander, assassinated by unknown persons in al-Raie (Aleppo), on the border with Turkey. Before him, in recent days, two other leading members of the group had been murdered. The denominator, however, is the lack of a certain responsible or a claim. The assassination campaign is believed to be part of the internal war between allied factions of the TAF to grab the ever-diminishing aid from Ankara. The clashes have recently intensified at all levels, especially after the opening of the front in Sere Kanye. In fact, Russia has had to intervene several times for deterrence to prevent a real conflict with the SDF and the SAA.

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