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Syria, SOHR: No mercenaries are fighting with Russia in Ukraine today

SOHR: No Syrian mercenaries are fighting with Russia in Ukraine today. The recruitments and transfers continue, but it does not appear that the volunteers are engaged in the operational sphere. On the other hand, at the moment, they would be of little use

No Syrian mercenaries, recruited to fight alongside Russian troops in Ukraine, are currently employed in offensive operations. This was stated by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), underlining that the approximately 2,000 elements of the militias of the Middle Eastern country, transferred in recent months to the European nation, would not have been used by the troops of Moscow so far. In confirmation of the thesis, the fact is cited that no Syrians have died in the clashes. What is certain, however, is that recruitments in Syria continue, even with the excuse of training local factions to defend the quadrant from the announced Turkish offensive in Kurdistan, which has not yet materialized yet. On the other hand, the Syrian militias today would be of little use in Ukraine, not knowing the territory and being used to different types of fighting. This is without counting the difficulties in interfacing with Russian troops and their systems. Their use could be of value only in the case of urban fighting, an eventuality at the remote moment.

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