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Syria, SDF target the Isis support network for the Al-Hol camp


The SDF target the Isis support network for the Al-Hol camp. Operations with Inherent Resolve between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor to stop the wave of killings in the prison

The SDF capture another Isis facilitator in Hasaka. This was in charge of smuggling the jihadists and their families detained in the Al-Hol camp and providing them with logistical support during their stay. The man was arrested in a targeted raid by Kurdish special forces (HAT) with the support of Inherent Resolve. It is the second operation of this kind in a few days in the Syrian province. The maneuvers became necessary following the escalation of violence inside the prison. The murders of other guests of the structure have increased and refined in the modalities. The militants of the Islamic State inside, in fact, no longer kill only with knives or improvised weapons, but also with pistols equipped with silencers. Consequently, Kurdish fighters must intervene to stop the flow of resources from outside reaching the prison.

Kurdish forces also hit Islamic State trafficking via the Euphrates. It moves on three axis

Together with the jihadist, in fact, the SDF arrested six other ISIS militiamen specialized in smuggling in Eastern Syria. These were captured in raids in Al-Twaymin, Um Hamedah, Tal Al-Shayer, Tal Safouq, Al-Deshishah and Al-Atshanah. All locations in the province of Hasaka, not far from the Al-Hol camp and the border with Iraq. It is believed, in fact, that the logistics and support network for the Islamic State militiamen moves on three axes. One in the direction of the neighboring country, one in the north towards Turkey and the last in the west, which points towards the Badia al-Sham desert, where there is a large pocket of terrorists. Kurdish forces, in fact, in recent days have carried out various operations along the Euphrates, sealing the area between Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban, the one traditionally most used by IS to transfer men, weapons and equipment to the East.

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