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Syria, SDF launch mass offensive against Isis in Al-Ula’yat (Ulayat)

The SDF maxi offensive against Isis has begun at Al-Ula’yat (Ulayat). Jazeera Storm, definitively liberated by the Islamic State Abu Badran, attacks the jihadists en masse. The final battle in Susah is approaching

The SDF attack on Isis in Al-Ula’yat (Ulayat) began. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops, after completing the liberation of Abu Badran from the Islamic State, launched a mass offensive in the area. At the moment violent clashes are taking place, but the militiamen have begun to flee from the battlefields to the south, in the direction of Susah. Daesh today controls less than a third of the territory in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) compared to a month ago and continues to retreat. The jihadists, in fact, are confined to a small portion of the Syrian province between Susah and Shajlah. To date they control an area in which about 15,000 people live, including their families. It is less than 1% of what they managed in their moment of maximum power. Next stop after Ulayat will be Susah for the final battle against IS in the region.

Meanwhile, the SDF continue the evacuations of civilians from the hot areas to Deir Ezzor and the hunt for militia Daesh hidden among the displaced

Meanwhile, the SDF continue the evacuation of the population from the areas of confrontation with Isis to Deir Ezzor. In the last hours the Syrian fighters have saved some hundreds of civilians, especially women and children, who have been escorted to humanitarian camps. The area from which the greatest turnout comes is Susah, where the defenses of the Islamic State have been concentrated. In this case, however, the jihadists are more concerned with organizing what remains of their units and looking for possible escape routes, rather than forcing local inhabitants to stay in the city. It is also thought that this less stringent attitude is desired. This is to ensure that Daesh jihadists can mix with displaced people to leave the area undisturbed. The SDF, however, immediately understood the tactics and adopted more capillary controls. In fact, in recent days many militiamen have been arrested, especially foreign fighters.

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