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Syria, SDF kills 151 Isis militants and conquers definitely Gharanij

ISIS suffered a maxi defeat against SDF at Gharanij and tried to use civilians to distract the enemy

ISIS at Deir ez-Zor lost in one blow 151 militants. SDF anounced it officially explaining Cizire Storm’s troops (Al Jazeera) had completely reconquered Gharanij, in the area of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal). They achieved this success after with a violent battle against Daesh. During the clashes, moreover, a group of jihadists urged foreigners and women to escape from the area. The syrian fighters, though, intercepted and neutralized them. At the same time they warned the civilians not to move from where they were for security reasons. That because Islamic State was going to try with a trick to distract the Kurds led forces from the attack. Regardless of the risks to which they exposed their lives. At the same time, fundamentalists escaped in the direction of Abu Kamal southwards in the area still controlled by their comrades.

Cizire Storm advances towards south Deir ez-Zor thanks to the International Coalition. At Abu Kamal 9 raids in the last hours and other 54 from 29 December to 4 January

SDF are advancing against Isis at Deir ez-Zor, along the eastern bank of the Euphrate river, thanks to support of the International Coalition.  Inherent Resolve in the last hours has carried out 9 air raids on Daesh positions in the area of Abu Kamal. The strikes were directed towards militants, vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), Islamic State bases and other military targets. These have to be added to other 54 strikes and 73 engagements conducted in the same area between 29 December and 4 of January 2018. Actually they have supported the syrian fighters on the ground, neutralizing threats and weakening enemy’s defence to facilitate their movements. Cizire Storm, as a matter of fact, continues to consolidate the territory around Hajin, in view of the imminent offensive to release the city from Isis.

Isis enters again in Aleppo province

Further nord, instead, Isis gains ground against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) north east of Hama. Daesh took away from the rival group about ten villages in the area, amongst these Al-Khayriyah, and entered again from south the province of Aleppo. As a consequence, the syrian army (SAA), which was fighting against HTS and the Islamic State at  Idlib (Abu Duhur) and Damask, will have to focus it’s attention on a new  area of the country.
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