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Syria, SDF kill Isis commander of all cells in the East

Isis loses the head of transport and logistics for all cells in eastern Syria. SDF kill Abu Omar Al-Suri in Al-Ruz

Isis loses its Emir of northeast Syria, responsible for most of the attacks in the region. The SDF eliminated him in a raid in the village of Al-Ruz in Deir Ezzor. The man, known as Abu Omar Al-Suri, was responsible for the transport and logistics of the Islamic State cells in the region. The special forces of Jazeera Storm (HAT) identified his hiding place and intervened by surrounding him. They also told him to surrender. The terrorist, on the other hand, reacted by trying to launch a grenade against the Arab-Kurd forces, which had to kill him. Moreover, the commander had just returned from a meeting in which he had planned new attacks in the quadrant. His death drastically reduces Daesh operational capabilities across the eastern and northern parts of the country.

Jazeera Storm at Deir Ezzor also arrests another group of the Islamic State. It was composed of six elements and was captured in Suwar. In their phones found the contacts of many other Daesh jihadists

In addition, operations against Daesh cells throughout eastern Syria continue. In recent days the SDF have dismantled a group of six elements of the Islamic State in Suwar, in Deir Ezzor. The operation was born following a series of intelligence information and provided by the local population. Besides the arrests of Daesh members, Jazeera Storm has also seized numerous weapons and explosives, as well as documents and telephones. The latter in particular were judged to be of great interest, as they contained numerous militia contacts. This will allow the Arab-Kurdish forces, along with the papers found in Al-Suri’s den, to find and eliminate new terrorist cells. Furthermore, it will help to draw a clearer picture of how IS is organized and operates in the region.

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