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Syria, SDF kill in Shaddadi one of the top ISIS leaders

The SDF killed one of the top ISIS leaders between Iraq and Syria in Shaddadi: Abu Harith Al-Iraqi. The man had been head of the Islamic State assassinations group in Mosul and in 2013 he managed security in Diyala

The SDF have eliminated one of the top ISIS leaders between Iraq and Syria in Shaddadi. The man, named Abu Harith Al-Iraqi, was hiding in a tunnel in the province along with a bodyguard. Jazeera Storm (HAT) special forces first surrounded the facility and then invited the Islamic State commander to leave and surrender. Because of his refusal, they carried out a blitz, which led to the death of the two jihadists. Al-Iraqi was one of the top Daesh exponents in the Middle East country. In addition, he was head of the assassinations cell in Mosul and in 2013 he headed security throughout Diyala province. His death is a blow to IS that loses the man connecting the groups in the two nations, as well as the one who managed the logistics and the movement of the militia across the borders.

Jazeera Storm also continues the hunt for Daesh cells in East Syria: from Deir Ezzor to Raqqa, passing through Hasaka

Meanwhile, in Deir Ezzor the SDF have dismantled another Isis cell that was hiding among the population. Jazeera Storm forces carried out an operation in the village of Tal Ja’abi, following some reports from local inhabitants. At the end of the maneuvers some elements of the Islamic State were arrested and weapons and explosives seized. It seems that the Daesh group was very active in launching attacks in the area. It also hooked civilians in the region, stealing money and food. Finally, three others were captured in Busayrah, having just infiltrated from the west, via the Euphrates. Because of this the patrols of the Arab-Kurdish forces in eastern Syria have been further strengthened, especially along the roads that line the river. Security on the border with Iraq has also increased, due to the anti-IS operations in progress from Anbar to Salahuddin, passing through Diyala and Nineveh.

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