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Syria, SDF: Isis’s new safe haven is in Afrin thanks to Turkey

SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali: Isis’ new safe haven is in Afrin, thanks to the invasion of Turkey. Spotted elements of the Islamic State. Probably they are the ones fleeing from Idlib, after the breakup with HTS

The new shelter for Isis in Syria could be Afrin. Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the SDF, explains that three famous members of the Islamic State were filmed as they sang nasheed along with others somewhere in the northern province. They are Abu Ali, a citizen of Bahrain; the Yemenite Abu Majeed and a Saudi. Some of them, furthermore, had previously appeared on Amaq, a Daesh propaganda media. According to Bali, thanks to the invasion of Turkey, the area has become the new safe heaven for jihadists. Probably the group is part of the militiamen transferred from Damascus to Idlib. These for a time signed a truce with the “resident” of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), linked to Al Qaeda. Then, however, something went wrong and the HTS members began to hunt down IS terrorists, who consequently migrated north to the Ankara buffer zone.

Iraq offers to take over and prosecute Daesh foreign fighters, detained in Jazeera Storm camps in Deir Ezzor, in exchange of funds

Meanwhile, Iraq offers the International Coalition to try Isis foreign fighters in exchange for paying the costs. The AP reports it. Baghdad would ask $2 Million a year for every Islamic State’s jihadist. The figure is calculated based on estimates of the costs of managing terrorists held in Guantanamo. The news has not been officially confirmed and there are currently no comments from Inherent Resolve. The measure, however, could concern around 1,000 Daesh militiamen and 9,000 between wives and children, who are currently in SDF custody in some camps in Deir Ezzor. Jazeera Storm called for the establishment of an international court and, in any case, to repatriate them as soon as possible. There is a danger, in fact, that their comrades will try to free them.

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