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Syria: SDF intensify the hunt for Isis between Busayrah, Dhiban and Shahil

New SDF and Inherent Resolve anti-Isis operations between Busayrah, Dhiban and Shahil. Objective: to dismantle the Islamic State cells in the area along the Euphrates

New targeted operation of the SDF and Inherent Resolve against Isis in Deir Ezzor. Kurdish Special Forces (HAT) and US-led Coalition carried out a series of raids against Islamic State dens, capturing eleven jihadists in Dhiban. Among these there is also a man called Mohammed Al Atia Al Kilish and considered a leader. The area, together with Busayrah and Shahil, has long been targeted by local forces, as it is the main access point for Daesh militiamen in Eastern Syria, through the Euphrates. An extensive logistics and support network also operates here, which takes care of passing terrorists over the river and then sorting them out to other places in the region. Not surprisingly, in recent weeks there have been several SDF maneuvers, aimed precisely at dismantling the facilitator cells.

Daesh retaliates by continuing to attack civilian targets on Deir Ezzor

Meanwhile, Isis continues to target the people of Deir Ezzor to seek revenge. The latest raid saw a group of Islamic State militiamen destroy a school in Hawaij with bombs. Objective: to sow terror, so that civilians no longer cooperate with the SDF and Inherent Resolve, as well as to show that the group is still alive and active. Many of these attempts are foiled by the Kurdish forces, but Daesh still manages to cause damage, even if minimal. The most affected area, however, continues to be the one between Busayrah, Dhiban and Shahil. It is no coincidence that in the past few hours local fighters have managed to stop a suicide attack in advance.

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