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Syria, SDF-Inherent Resolve maxi-offensive against Isis in Deir Ezzor

A maxi operation of SDF and Inherent Resolve against Isis in Deir Ezzor is underway. The maneuvers at the moment are concentrated between Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban. Objective: to eliminate Daesh cells and logistics networks in the area, also preventing attacks on Al Omar fields

The maxi operation of the SDF and Inherent Resolve against Isis in Deir Ezzor gets underway. Kurdish forces are carrying out raids in the Al-Hawi area in Dhiban. Objective: to find some cells of the Islamic State that have hidden in the quadrant. The city, along with Busayrah and Shahil, is the favorite spot from which the Daesh militia infiltrate the eastern Syrian province, passing by the Euphrates. Following this, it was decided to intervene massively to permanently eliminate every access route for jihadists and the logistics and support network, which allows them to be transferred and moved within the region. Both in the three cities and along the Shaddadi Road, which runs along the river. The maneuvers, however, are also aimed at preventing possible IS attacks on the Al Omar oil fields. The main road leading to the infrastructure, in fact, starts from Dhiban and arrives in Busayrah.

The joint operation against the Islamic State had been announced in Bahrain and in the past few days and has already produced the first results: “multiple” militiamen killed or injured and over a dozen caught

The maxi operation of the SDF and Inherent Resolve against Isis at Deir Ezzor had been announced in recent days. The news was reported by the New York Times, citing General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr, head of CENTCOM, the central military command for US operations. The high officer, on the sidelines of the Manama Dialogue security conference in Bahrain, explained that “in the coming days and weeks” the pace of maneuvering against the Islamic State will be resumed. So much so that on Friday there has already been a violent offensive by the Kurdish forces and the International Coalition in the Syrian province, which has caused “multiple” deaths and injuries in the ranks of Daesh. In addition, more than a dozen of them have been captured. However, no further details have been provided either on the places where the attacks took place or on a precise assessment of the operation.

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