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Syria, SDF-Inherent Resolve dismantle the pro-ISIS network in Raqqa

SDF and Inherent Resolve dismantle the pro-ISIS network in Raqqa. The “Retaliation For Raqqa Martyrs” operation allows the capture of 127 jihadists and leaders. IS logistics, recruitment and communication capabilities are also affected

There are 127 Islamic State militiamen captured by the SDF and Inherent Resolve during the “Retaliation For Raqqa Martyrs” operation in the homonymous Syrian province. Among them are Atallah Al-Methan, the Wali (governor) of the so-called Wilayah of al-Raqqa; Khalaf Abdullah, aka Abu Obeida al-Shami, heads Wilayah al-Sham and an IS cell responsible for planning attacks in the quadrant. In addition, the logistics, recruitment and communication networks of pro-ISIS jihadists were dismantled, as well as several tunnels used to hide men, weapons and equipment. The maneuvers of the joint forces, in which thousands of soldiers and numerous specialized assets participated, began on January 26 and ended on February 2, involving Raqqa and its suburbs, Al-Karama, Tabqa and Sarren. The operation dealt a serious blow to the group, drastically reducing its operational and organizational capacity.

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