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Syria, SDF-Inherent Resolve capture one of the most dangerous ex-ISIS leaders

SDF and Inherent Resolve capture one of the most dangerous ex-ISIS leaders: Mohammed Abid al-Awad, aka “Rasheed”. He had organized a maxi escape from Gwayran prison

The SDF at the end of 2021 carried out one of the most important operations in recent years against the Islamic State. They thwarted an attack on the Gwayran prison in Hasaka and arrested the man behind the entire operation. His name is Mohammed Abid al-Awad, alias “Rasheed”, and he was one of the most important “emirs” of the former ISIS still fugitives in Syria. For the assault on Gwayran he had supplied the commando with weapons, ammunition, 14 suicide bombers and two car bombs. The plan called for vehicles to explode at the entrance to the prison to create confusion and allow the commando to enter. The suicide bombers, on the other hand, served to keep the enemy busy, while the jihadists supplied the prisoners with weapons and helped them take control of the facility and escape. Had the operation been successful, it would have allowed hundreds of dangerous terrorists to return to freedom.

The jihadist commander was a leading personality within the Islamic State and since the collapse of IS, he become a ghost

The same figure of Mohammed Abid al-Awad confirms how important the attack on the prison was for the Islamic State. “Rasheed” in 2013 enlisted in the ranks of Jabhat al-Nusra, before joining ISIS. Here, in 2014, he led the tank and armored vehicle battalion during the offensive in Kobani. Subsequently, he carried out several attacks mainly in the north and east of Syria, only to disappear behind false names after the SDF and Inherent Resolve defeated IS. He reappeared in November 2021, when his cell was completely neutralized. Even then, however, he had managed to escape. Finally, he was captured in a joint raid by Kurdish-Coalition special forces at the end of last year. From that moment he began to confess, providing information deemed extremely valuable to understand the terrorist organization.

Photo Credits: SDF

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