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Syria, SDF have locked Isis at Deir ez-Zor in limited areas

SDF, thanks to recent interventions from the International Coalition, have resumed the offensive against Isis east of Deir ez-Zor

The SDF at Deir ez-Zor have locked Isis in limited areas east of the Euphrates. Namely Hajin, albu-Hassan, Sha’fah, Bukhatir, al-Susah and al-Baghuz. They were able to do this thanks to the intervention of the International Coalition which bombed the Daesh stations thus allowing Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) to resume moving forward in the quadrant. Moreover, the Syrian fighters closed all internet cafés in the area, to reduce the possibility for jihadists to communicate. According to various local sources, in the area there are on the whole between 2000 and 2500  militiamen of the Islamic State. Many of these, approximately 500, are foreign fighters. The main nationalities identified are from Africa (mostly from Morocco), Iraq and various Asian countries. After the heavy losses suffered in the Inherent Resolve raid at Sha’fah, they modified their strategy and fell back southwards in the direction of Kamal (Al Bukamal) and focused their attention against the Syrian army (SAA) east of the river.

Raqqa, the bridge west of the  al-Assidya Farm rebuilt. It links the centre of the ex Daesh capital to the northern rural area

Meanwhile, in the other areas liberated from Isis, work is carried on to return to normal life. The International Coalition and the the committee for reconstruction of the Civil Council of Raqqa have just completed the reconstruction of the bridge west of the al-Assadiya Farm. This bridge is located at the northern entrance of the ex Daesh capital, near the base of the 17th division. The structure is essential because it links the centre of the city to the northern rural areas. It was destroyed at the beginning of the offensive against the Islamic State to close the jihadists in the residential area and prevent them from receiving support and supplies from outside. Up to now in Syria more than 3.2 million persons have been liberated from Isis and terrorists have lost 105,600 square kilometers in the country and in the neighboring Iraq since September 2014.

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