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Syria, SDF dismantle three dangerous ISIS cells between Manbij-Deir Ezzor

The SDF dismantle three dangerous ISIS cells in eastern Syria, between Manbij and Deir Ezzor. The largest was composed of 18 elements, including seven women

The SDF have dismantled three dangerous ISIS cells in eastern Syria. The special forces of Jazeera Storm (HAT) during a raid on Abu Qalqal (Manbij) arrested the leader of a group of Islamic State militiamen, very active in the area. Moreover, in the search they found weapons and documents belonging to jihadists, judged of great interest. In another operation, the Arab-Kurdish forces managed to capture the members of the commando who had killed Marwan Al Fatih, co-president of the Legislative Council of Deir Ezzor. The three were found after months of research and monitoring in Abu Khashab. Finally, in an unspecified location, a maxi Daesh cell was destroyed. This was composed of 18 elements, of which seven were women. Terrorists are responsible for many attacks against both Jazeera Storm troops and the population.

The Islamic State suffers a blow to its operational capabilities with the loss of groups. In fact, for Daesh, infiltrating militias in the East will be increasingly difficult

The loss of the three cells is a very hard blow for Isis in eastern Syria, which loses much of its operational capacity. First of all, for the Islamic State to replace the militants, infiltrating new ones, it will be very difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, the SDF are still hunting for hidden groups between Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Manbij and Hasaka. Therefore their attention span is higher. Not to mention that, thanks to the documents found and the interrogations, they will be able to identify new ones and dismantle them with certainty. The confirmation comes from the fact that the last operations of Jazeera Storm against Daesh, in fact, were born as a result of reports from the population and information provided by the same jihadists captured in recent months. Therefore, this trend is very likely to continue, fueling the chains of arrests and making it increasingly complex for IS to send and move men into the quadrant.

Photo Credits: SDF

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