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Syria, SDF continue the hunt for Isis despite Turkey’s offensive

The SDF, despite the Turkish offensive, have never stopped chasing Isis. This is confirmed by the latest operations against the Islamic State between Deir Ezzor and Hasaka. Furthermore, Jazeera Storm foiled a new attempt to escape Daesh women from the Al-Hol camp

It is not true that, due to the Turkish offensive in the north east of Syria, the SDF stopped the hunt for ISIS cells. Jazeera Storm, albeit with less force and resources, continued to neutralize the Islamic State jihadist groups especially in Deir Ezzor and Hasaka. The confirmation comes from the capture of some Daesh militiamen in the area of ​​Jadid Bakara. In Shaddadi, however, an improvised device (IED), hidden by the fundamentalists on a street, was defused. Finally, the escape of some women, wives of foreign fighters IS, was thwarted at the Al-Hol camp. They planned to leave the prison with their children to go south and west. Only a few days ago a similar incident took place, with the capture of 14 “Isis Brides” and 21 children trying to reach Dashisha.

Meanwhile, Kurdish forces continue to evacuate the buffer zone as part of the truce with Ankara. The last city to be left is Ras Al-Ain

Meanwhile, the SDF have announced that they have completely evacuated the city of Ras Al-Ain on the border with Turkey. The operation took place as part of the 120-hour military truce signed with Ankara, thanks to US mediation. The Kurdish forces have moved further south, beyond the buffer zone. The fights, however, despite the ceasefire continue. In the past few hours there have been clashes in Weibada, Cafiah, Wasita and east of Ras Al-Ain. It appears, in fact, that the TAF violated the conditions both with the air component and with the allied militias. These in particular tried to advance while the SDF carried out evacuation operations. As a result, there were some shootings that killed nine Kurdish fighters.

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