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Syria, SDF capture the ISIS Belgian terrorist Anwar Abdel Rahman Haddouchi

The SDF at Deir Ezzor arrest the ISIS Belgian terrorist Anwar Abdel Rahman Haddouchi. The man had beheaded over 100 civilians in Raqqa, during the rule of the Islamic State, and had participated in the planning of Daesh attacks in Paris and Brussels

The SDF at Deir Ezzor dealt a heavy blow to ISIS: the arrest of the Belgian Anwar Abdel Rahman Haddouchi. He is considered one of the most dangerous terrorists of the Islamic State in the Syrian province. Jazeera Storm special forces (HAT), following intelligence information, constantly monitored the target. Then, carried out the raid that led to his capture about 100 kilometers from the border with Iraq. The man is responsible for more than 100 beheadings of civilians in Raqqa, as well as numerous Daesh attacks in the area and had a role in planning and preparing the jihadist attacks both in Paris (13 November 2015) and in Brussels (22 March 2016 ). It is not clear, however, when he was arrested. Some media claim in March, but spokesmen for the Arab-Kurdish forces did not want to release details about it.

His arrest is only the last in a series of operations that Jazeera Storm is carrying out against the Islamic State, with the support of the International Coalition and groups like the mysterious Sand Hippos

In the last four months the SDF, supported by the International Coalition and groups like the mysterious Sand Hippod, have arrested over 255 Daesh militiamen in the East of Syria. Among them there are also leading figures of the Islamic State as local or provincial leaders of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Hasaka. In addition, several support and Daesh funding networks in the region have been dismantled. The objective of Jazeera Storm is twofold: on the one hand to stop the wave of attacks that the jihadists have launched, when they have had to transform themselves from an army to a guerrilla to try to survive. On the other hand, it is preventing terrorists from reorganizing and therefore increasing the level of threat, especially for the population. No coincidence that the Arab-Kurdish forces carry out periodic operations to dismantle IS cells or to capture elements of interest in specific locations.

Photo Credits: SDF press agency

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