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Syria, SDF begin to release local Isis prisoners from the Al-Hol camp


The SDF begin to release the first 500 local Isis jihadists from the Al-Hol camp who, together with their families, have enjoyed the amnesty. In all, 28,000 should be released. However, 37,000 IS foreign fighters remain in the prison

Today about 500 people will leave the al-Hol camp in Hasaka: it is the first group of local Isis militiamen and their families to have enjoyed the amnesty granted by the authorities of the Syrian province. These will be able to return to their homes, thanks to the fact that families and tribal leaders have vouched for them. In all, 28,000 IS members and family members will gradually be released from the structure, which will continue to host another 37,000. These are foreign fighters, including almost 30,000 Iraqis and the rest of other nationalities. The decision was made necessary as the repatriations of foreign militiamen continue with the dropper. Therefore, the prison is still extremely crowded and the number of murders inside is increasing, with limited capacity for intervention by the Arab-Kurdish forces. Furthermore, it is always at risk of raids by terrorists to free their comrades.

Meanwhile, SDF and Inherent Resolve intervene to ease the pressure of the terrorists on the structure in Hasaka. Another facilitator was arrested, he was in charge of making the militiamen and their families flee, hiding them between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor or taking them to the border with Iraq

Meanwhile, the SDF and Inherent Resolve intervened again to ease Isis’ pressure on Al-Hol. They did so with a targeted raid that led to the capture of a facilitator, responsible for evading the IS commanders and their families from the facility, as well as transporting them to “safer” areas between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor or on the border with the Iraq. The operation took place in Jadeed Ekedat and involved the Arab-Kurdish special forces (HAT) with the support of the Coalition. A similar maneuver, however, had already taken place in mid-October. In that case, an entire cell of terrorists had been dismantled, which had the same task and which in addition was spying on the movements of the enemy in the quadrant. These activities began after attempts to escape from prison in the Syrian province multiplied, the last of which was foiled less than a month ago.

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