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Syria, SDF begin to hunt down the ISIS fugitives in the north-east

The SDF are beginning to hunt down the Isis fugitives in northeastern Syria. They are the militiamen escaped from Kurdish prisons bombed by Turkey

The SDF in the north and east of Syria, despite the continuous Turkish offensive, have begun to hunt down the Isis militiamen who fled from the area’s prisons. Ankara, in fact, in recent days had bombed several camps, allowing a thousand jihadists of the Islamic State and their families to escape and hide in the region. These are mostly foreign fighters, who don’t know where to go. As a result, their only alternative is to start fighting again. Jazeera Storm has intercepted and stopped a group near Ain Issa, where a battle is also taking place at the detention center. It is not known how, but the Daesh fundamentalists inside it managed to seize weapons and attempted a mass attack. At the moment the situation is fluid, but it seems that the defenses of the structure are holding.

The SDF join the Syrian National Defense Forces. In return, Damascus will send the SAA to the border with Turkey. The war on Daesh east of the Euphrates, instead, will continue to be fought only by Jazeera Storm with the support of the Global Coalition

It is not clear, instead, what are the details of the agreement between SDF and the Syrian government, as well as how the contrast to ISIS will be managed in the east of the country. The agreement, mediated by Russia, provides for Kurdish fighters to be integrated into the national defense forces: a complex of pro-government militias, consisting of Shiites and Christians so far. In return, Damascus will send the army (SAA) to the north-eastern border with Turkey. However, there is no news about the anti-Daesh commitment to the east of the Euphrates. Consequently, it is likely that it will still be Jazeera Storm in autonomy and with the support of the Global Coalition to fight the Islamic State. Signs of this have been seen recently, with some operations aimed at Deir Ezzor. It remains an unknown factor: who will help the Arab-Kurd forces to protect the Al-Hol camp? It is practically certain that the IS militants will attack him to free their comrades.

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