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Syria, SDF at Deir Ezzor launch the offensive to chase Isis out of Dashisha

The SDF at Deir Ezzor have begun the final operation to chase Isis from Dashisha. The humanitarian corridors are being finalized. As soon as they are ready, the offensive will take off

The SDF at Deir Ezzor have begun the operation to chase Isis from Dashisha. It’s the second phase of the operation Round Up. The Arab-Kurdish forces have taken away from Daesh two more villages: Derwish and Amiriyah, tightening even more the circle around the stronghold of the Islamic State. Moreover, on the other side of the border between Syria and Iraq the ISF are bombarding the jihadists inside the residential area to create caos and prevent them from organizing their defenses. Besides this, reinforcements from Hasakah are arriving at the front line, to speed up the invasion. In parallel, humanitarian corridors have been opened to allow the civilians to escape and to be escorted to safe areas. These are situated along the roads which lead to the north and the west of the province. The south will shortly be included, the last one left before launching the attack against the IS.

Daesh is increasingly involved in the caos of the Syrian province. 30 militiamen of the Islamic State were executed. It is not known whether for disagreements with the leaders or whether because they had tried to escape

Meanwhile, Daesh at Deir Ezzor is continuing to implode. In particular in the southern area of the Syrian province, between Hajin and Harse, besieged by the SDF. In the past hours the executioners of the Islamic State executed 30 of their elements. The assumptions are two: either the group had tried to escape, which happens more and more often in the area. Or else they were in disagreement with the local leaders and were eliminated to avoid the risk of internal revolts in Isis. Especially after the increase of general discontent among the jihadists. The cause could be either the fact that they have not been paid for months or the continuous defeats suffered. Then there are also the increasingly precarious conditions of life of the militiamen, due to the fact that the operation Round Up have surrounded and isolated the strongholds. Depriving the fundamentalists of any possibility of receiving reinforcements and supplies from outside.

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