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Syria, SDF at Deir Ezzor is ready to attack Daesh south of Hasakah in the MERV

The SDF at Deir Ezzor launches an offensive against Isis south of Hasakah, right inside the Middle Euphrates Valley between Syria and Iraq

At Deir Ezzor the final plans of the SDF and the US-led Coalition to chase Daesh out of the area south east of Hasakah. The area is right in the centre of the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) along the border between Syria and Iraq. The objective of the operation Jazeera Storm (Round Up) is to free the quadrant, in order to close in and isolate the Islamic State in the province between Hajin and Harse, eliminating any possibility of escape. If not at east, through Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal), where, however, there is the Syrian army (SAA) which is blocking the road. Meanwhile, the Arab-Kurdish forces have defeated Isis at Baghuz Fawqani, conquering the city. As a consequence the area of influence of Isis is reduced further. And during the offensive in the north east, a strong pressing has been maintained on the militiamen to prevent them from getting reorganized, and attempting counterattacks behind the back of the SDF.

Damascus is preparing to invade Daraa and Idlib. In the two areas support to the SAA, keep arriving, including Iranian advisers

Meanwhile, the offensive of the Syrian army against the rebels and Daesh at Daraa and Idlib, is getting even closer. On the borders between the two areas reinforcements and vehicles are continuing to arrive, while Damascus has given the usual ultimatum to the anti-government forces: surrender or you will die. In the southern quadrant, where there is the base of the Islamic State at Tasil, also the Iranian military counselors have arrived. In the north, instead, the artillery and the air fighters of the regime are bombing almost daily the bases of the enemies. To the extent that the local population organized to ask to stop the air raids. Meanwhile, at Daraa, Isis is fighting even with the antagonist militiamen to defend the territory. These, in the last hours have launched a massive attack, rejected with difficulty by the jihadists. And most probably there will be more, very soon.

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