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Syria, SDF at Deir Ezzor are pushing Isis towards the Iraqi border in MERV

The SDF at Deir Ezzor are getting closer and closer to the border between Syria and Iraq in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) and are attacking Isis at Khirbet Al-Shairat

The SDF at Deir Ezzor are getting closer and closer to the border between Syria and Iraq east of Dashisha and attacking Isis at Khirbet Al-Shairat. The objective of the Operation Round Up is to take over the complete control of the road which leads to the border with the neighboring country near Makhfar Tall Asfuk. Then, afterwards, to go down southwards in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV), cooperating with the ISF of Baghdad and the International Coalition, to wall in the pocket of resistance of the Islamic State. And finally, they will attack the last nucleus of Daesh of the province, which is situated between Hajih and Harse. The militiamen, however, instead of responding to the Arab-Kurdish offensive, are continuing to attack the Syrian army (SAA) and its allies east of the Euphrates. The last aggression, which was rejected, took place near the villages of Sukaryah and Hamdan, along the river. The objective of the jihadists remains to find themselves an escape corridor towards the west.

Inherent Resolve inflicted a double blow to the Islamic State: by killing one of their leaders, who financed Daesh selling oil and gas, and by confiscating a maxi load of Captagon, the fighter’s drug, worth over 1.4 mln

Inherent Resolve inflicted two very hard blows to Isis in Syria. The first by killing an important leader of the Islamic State: Abu Khattab Al-Iraqi, who supervised the financing of jihadists through smuggling of oil and gas. The second by confiscating a load of drugs of Daesh worth over 1.4 mln dollars. The sale of drugs was supposed to provide financial support for the activity of the militiamen. The operation took place in the area of At Tanf and was carried out by Maghawir al-Thowra, a partner of the Coalition. It was essentially a load of Captagon (over 300,000 pills) stimulant amphetamines also known as “the fighter’s drug”. Fundamentalists have been using it for a while now, especially before a battle, to be make them more powerful. To the point that in Iraq various cases of overdose were reported, in particular among foreign fighters after the fall of Mosul.

An article on Daesh fighters overdoses in Iraq after the fall of Mosul (in Italian)

The Inherent Resolve Tweet on the drugs captured by partners in At Tanf 

The Inherent Resolve Tweet on the killing of Daesh leader, who supervised the financing of jihadist through oil and gas smuggling

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