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Syria, SDF anti-ISIS operation in Raqqa on the border with Turkey

The SDF dismantle an ISIS cell north of Raqqa, on the border with Turkey. The maneuvers are part of the clean up operations of the area following the agreement on the “security mechanism” with Ankara

New SDF operation against ISIS cells in North-East Syria, on the border with Turkey. Jazeera Storm troops captured a group of Islamic State militiamen in the village of al-Jamous, near Soluk, north of Raqqa. During the blitz, weapons, mobile phones and documents were also seized, including some refugee cards linked to the neighboring country. The maneuvers took place following the agreement on the security mechanism reached between the United States, Ankara and the Arab-Kurd forces. According to the it, they will withdraw from the area gradually and prudently to avoid the dangers of a possible return of Daesh to the region. At the same time, operations are being carried out to clean up the quadrant from the presence of jihadist groups, which are shuttling back and forth with Turkey and which could pose a real threat to both parties.

Jazeera Storm arrests another head of Islamic State finances in Deir Ezzor: Abu Rifa’a. Numerous documents have also been found that will help Arab-Kurdish forces find many Daesh cells in eastern Syria

Meanwhile, the SDF have captured another ISIS finance manager. His name is Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, aka Abu Rifa’a. The man, who had also held other roles in the Islamic State in Syria, was arrested during a special forces operation by Jazeera Storm (HAT) while he mixed with numerous civilians to protect his identity. The Arab-Kurdish forces, however, have traced it thanks to the collaboration of the local population, which informed them about its presence in the area. During the blitz, moreover, numerous documents were found, considered of maximum interest by the intelligence. In fact, according to the SDF, these will be invaluable for finding many Daesh cells that operate in the eastern Middle East. Another IS finance head, Muhammad Ramadan Eid al-Atallah, was also captured before him in the same regions by Jazeera Storm.

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