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Syria, SDF and ISF both attack Isis at Deir Ezzor in view of the offensive at Hajin

Syria, SDF And ISF Both Attack Isis At Deir Ezzor In View Of The Offensive At Hajin

The SDF and the Coalition attack Isis at Sousa. The Iraqi ISF at Baghouz. Their objective: to close the routes to reinforcements and supplies for the Islamic State at Hajin, in view of the ground offensive

A joint offensive between the SDF and the Iraqi forces against Isis in the southern area of Deir Ezzor, in view of the offensive at Hajin. The forces of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) and of the International Coalition bombarded posts of the Islamic State at Sousa, killing at least 18 militiamen and injuring many more. Among the fallen of Daesh there is also a leader from a nearby country. In parallel, the Baghdad air fighters attacked further south, in the quadrant of Baghouz and at Anbar, targeting the routes and the lines of communication of the jihadists in the pocket of resistance. The objective of the maneuvers is to stop any possible arrival of reinforcements for the terrorists once the ground attack will be launched against the IS stronghold. Speaking of which, moreover, additional leaflets were launched, this time addressed to the fundamentalists, reminding them that their only alternative to death is to surrender.

The Syrian army (SAA) clears the last pockets of resistance of Daesh at Suweida and prepares to attack the jihadists in the desert of Badia. Will these maneuvers take off together with the ones at Hajin?

Meanwhile, the Syrian army ( SAA) is clearing the last Isis pockets of resistance at Suweida. As soon as they will have defeated the Islamic State definitely, the soldiers will be able to concentrate on the last quadrant still in the hands of the jihadists: the one in the Badia desert. Although not officially confirmed, the maneuvers of Operation Round Up at Hajin and those in the surrounding area could take off at the same time. In this case the militiamen would be under extreme pressure both from the SAA and from the SDF and therefore would have limited capacity of defense. And will not have the possibility to turn to the external support from their comrades nor to receive supplies. In between only the Euphrates, carefully monitored to prevent any attempt of the terrorists to cross it. Above all in the area of Abu Kamal, in front of Baghouz.

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