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Syria, SDF and Inherent Resolve eliminate a former ISIS killer cell

SDF and Inherent Resolve eliminate a former ISIS killer cell. Joint raid by special forces leads to the capture of three important commanders of the Islamic State and their men. It is the answer to IS attempts to raise its head

In eastern Syria, an Islamic State cell specialized in targeted killings was eliminated. A joint raid by SDF special forces and Inherent Resolve resulted in the arrest of three prominent former ISIS leaders and other members of the group. The lack of disclosed details suggests that it was an important operation, which could lead to significant results in the fight against jihadist terrorism. The militiamen recently began to raise their heads in the quadrant, thanks to a series of executions of Kurdish soldiers, tribal leaders and local personalities. Furthermore, the fundamentalists are receiving new flows of money, essential to their survival, as confirmed by the raid that has just ended. In addition to the weapons and some documents, in fact, various funds that the IS cell had at its disposal were also discovered.

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