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Syria, SDF and Inherent Resolve dismantle the pro-ISIS network in Al-Hol

SDF and Inherent Resolve dismantle the pro-ISIS network in Al-Hol. Dozens of militiamen arrested in a joint operation that lasted two weeks. For the jihadists, the camp was strategic for recruiting and as a logistical base

The SDF and Inherent Resolve have just concluded a maxi operation in the Al-Hol (Hasaka) field to dismantle the Islamic State network that operates within the structure. The maneuvers, called Operation Humanity & Security 2, lasted two weeks and led to the dismantling of the main network of facilitators, active both in the camp and in eastern Syria. In addition, during the raids in which dozens of pro-ISIS jihadists were arrested, five women were freed. They were chained and tortured by militiamen inside some tunnels. For IS, this is a very hard blow. This is because Al-Hol was strategic for the fundamentalists both for the recruitment and indoctrination of new elements and because it represented a sort of “safe” refuge, sheltered from the dangers coming from the Kurdish forces and the Coalition. The camp, in fact, was also used as a logistical base and for the planning of actions in the quadrant.

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