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Syria, SDF and Inherent Resolve capture 40 ISIS members in Hasaka-Deir Ezzor

At least 40 Isis militiamen were captured by the SDF and Inherent Resolve in the early stages of the “Deterring Terrorism” operation in Hasaka and Deir Ezzor. The anti-Daesh maneuvers are the largest since the fall of Baghuz

The SDF and Inherent Resolve anti-ISIS campaign south of Hasaka and Deir Ezzor has started at full speed. The “Deterring Terrorism” maneuvers have already seen some searches and raids in the villages of the Syrian province. Twenty militiamen from the Islamic State were captured in the Tayeeb al Faal area in the east, and 21 others (including some foreigners) on the border with Iraq. In fact, the operation against Daesh, at least at the moment, is moving along the two sides of the Khabur River. Then it will probably arrive in Busayrah and move – across the Shaddadi Road to Shahil and Dhiban. Objective: to flush out the cells of the jihadists and destroy their logistical and support networks. According to local sources, it’s the largest deployment of Kurdish forces since the fall of Baghuz: the last IS stronghold across the quadrant.

In northern Syria, the SAA continues to attack pro-Turkey militias between Hama and Idlib. In the meantime, Ankara tries to turn the population against HTS

Meanwhile, in the north, the Syrian army (SAA) continues to bomb pro-Turkey militias between Hama and Idlib. The goal is to push them to fall back on the M4, forcing the TAF to intervene. Ankara, however, is trying to react by hitting Damascus’ best ally in the province: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). In several areas of the quadrant there have been anti-HTS demonstrations. The group is “guilty” of not having given concrete answers to the lack of fuel and food. Analysts suspect that these were organized by provocateurs from the neighboring country to wipe out popular support for the former al-Nusra Front. Today, in fact, this has the leadership, thanks to the local inhabitants. The jihadists have lined up alongside them against the passage of foreign convoys on the highway and try to present themselves as the only authoritative institution that cares for their needs.

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