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Syria, SDF and Coalition attack Isis oil smugglers at Deir Ezzor

SDF and International Coalition attack the Isis oil smugglers network at Deir Ezzor. Jazeera Storm and Inherent Resolve target the Shahil area, where men and goods of the Islamic State pass

The SDF and the International Coalition in Deir Ezzor targeted ISIS oil smugglers. Jazeera Storm’s and Inherent Resolve’s air assets attacked a group of Islamic State facilitators near Shahil. This is one of the main areas where Daesh militiamen infiltrate the eastern Syrian province, passing by the Euphrates, along with Busayrah and Dhiban. In addition to men, weapons, vehicles and illegal goods are also transferred. First of all the crude oil, by now one of the few sources of income left to the jihadists. These, in fact, no longer controlling any city in the Middle Eastern country, try to finance their survival by selling oil and extorting local inhabitants. Hence the need to crush traffic to further weaken the group and reduce its operational capacity.

Also in Sand Hippos they are involved in hunting parallel to Daesh cells. They work to find the networks of militia facilitators

The SDF and the International Coalition, in addition to hunting ISIS cells in eastern Syria, have also for some time been focusing on facilitator networks. Both on the smugglers of the Islamic State and on the routes themselves. This carefully monitoring the situation and intervening periodically, as soon as the Daesh militia make some mistakes. Sand Hippos, the mysterious group that operates independently at Deir Ezzor against Daesh, also participates in this parallel hunt, but has repeatedly supported Jazeera Storm’s troops. The “ghosts”, as they are called by the local population, in addition to looking for key-elements IS, find the smuggling routes and identify the key leaders. In some cases they intervene directly, while in others they communicate the information and then move elsewhere.

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