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Syria, SDF and Coalition are decimating the Isis leadership at Deir Ezzor

The SDF and the International Coalition are decimating the leadership of the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor. In a few days, 4 Isis strategic leaders neutralized: first Abu Zweid and Dhef Al-Melash. Then, Ossama Abu Ewyad and Abu al Umarayn, involved in the barbaric execution of Peter Kassig

The SDF and the International Coalition continue to decimate the Isis leadership in Deir Ezzor and beyond. The troops of Jazeera Storm with the help of those of Inherent Resolve in recent days have captured Ossama Abu Ewyad. The man was one of the assistants of the Caliph of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He had also directly participated in the planning of at least 40 terrorist attacks in the Syrian province. Instead, a drone killed Abu at Umarayn, another Daesh commander. The jihadist was involved in several attacks and violent executions, including that of the US co-worker and former Ranger, Peter Kassig. The action has been officially confirmed. Only a few days ago the militia had lost another top leader: Osama Awaid Al-Ibrahim (aka Abu Zweid). He was al-Baghdadi’s deputy and IS head of Internal Affairs. Finally, in Busayrah, Dhef Al-Melash, minister of Agriculture of terrorists, was taken.

The last events are a very hard blow for Daesh in Syria. They drastically reduce the coordination skills of the militia and make the morale drop further. Not to mention that the manhunt of the IS leaders is not finished

The excellent arrests and killings of the last days at Deir Ezzor are a huge blow to Isis in Syria. In a short time the chain of command of the Islamic State at the highest levels was decimated. This will determine two essential factors: first of all a lesser ability to coordinate jihadists, both defensively and offensively. Furthermore, the morale of the Daesh militia will be further affected, already on the ground after the latest events. The temporary conquest of some territories north of Hajin had, in fact, galvanized IS terrorists in the Syrian province. These, however, were lost again just a few days later and the siege of the stronghold began again, moreover harshly. Not to mention that the manhunt of the top of the group continues. As a consequence, we can expect an increase in sudden attacks, even if uncoordinated, towards the SDF and non-homogeneous reactions to the offensive of the Arab-Kurdish forces.

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