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Syria, SAA surprise offensive against Latakia and Idlib militias

The Syrian army (SAA) launches a surprise offensive between Latakia and Idlib. The front involved is that of Haddadah, but at the moment there is no progress

A surprise offensive by the Syrian army (SAA) against the militias between Latakia and Idlib has begun. In the past few hours there have been violent clashes on the Haddadah front, which caused several deaths on both sides, after the Damascus soldiers tried to infiltrate to enter deep into the enemy territory. The dial is still under attack, but at the moment the situation is stalled. In parallel, Russian fighters carried out targeted bombing in the Binnish area and subsequently attacked Bernas, Al Tufaniyah and Haddadah, also hit by the SAA artillery. Meanwhile, the eastern axis of the maneuvers, the one south of Barah, has targeted Al-Fateera and other locations in Jabal al-Zawiya. In addition, new troops have arrived near Ma’arrat al Nu’man.

The maneuvers were intercepted by local militiamen, forcing Russian fighters to intervene. Meanwhile, reinforcements are also arriving south of Barah. Is the goal to block local rebels or launch a stealth invasion, using the west operation as a diversion?

The SAA’s surprise operation between Latakia and Idlib had been preceded in recent days by the massive sending of reinforcements to Syrian soldiers, based in Sahl Al-Ghab and Al-Jib Al-Ahmar. Once the convoys arrived from the rural areas of Hama, the maneuvers began. These, however, were immediately intercepted by local militias, who reacted by blocking the infiltration attempt. It is no coincidence that Russian fighters had to intervene to neutralize the rebels’ defenses and stop ambush attempts. The situation also forced the local population to flee en masse to the north. The interesting data is the sending of reinforcements also south of Idlib. In theory, the goal is to keep local jihadists busy, so that they cannot provide support to their comrades pressed in the west. In reality, it could hide an imminent invasion, which uses the other offensive as a diversion.

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