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Syria, Russia’s concern about escalation in the North is growing

Russia’s concern is growing over the escalation in northern Syria. New military exercises of Moscow troops in Qamishli. Objective: to maintain deterrence towards a possible TAF-militia offensive against SDF-SAA

Russia’s concern for an imminent military escalation in northern Syria, which sees the pro-Turkish militias and the TAF opposed on the one hand and the SDF and the SAA on the other, is growing. In recent days, Moscow troops carried out a new military exercise in Qamishli (Hasaka), the second in less than two weeks, with land and air assets involved. Moreover, it seems that a pair of fighters have recently been added to the attack helicopters of the Federation. Objective of the maneuvers: to maintain deterrence against possible surprise attacks by Ankara forces or allied guerrillas. In the event of an accident, there is a risk of a real internal conflict with unpredictable outcomes. On the other hand, Turkey has never made any secret of wanting to expand its “buffer zone” within Syrian Kurdistan.

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