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Syria, Russian air raids on the Islamic State in Badia are ineffective

Russian air raids against the Islamic State in Badia are ineffective. This is confirmed by the attacks of the IS jihadists on the SAA after more than 200 strikes by Moscow fighters

The maxi offensive of over 200 Russian bombings against the Islamic State in the Badia desert does not seem to have had the desired effects. In fact, a few hours after the strikes ended, the jihadists launched a violent surprise attack against the Syrian army (SAA) in al-Banja, on the outskirts of Mayadeen (Deir Ezzor). The toll was at least one dead and several wounded among government troops and allied militias. After the raid ended, the terrorists disappeared again where they came from. The previous day there had been another IS attack on the SAA in Aqirbat (Hama) and the kidnapping of dozens of people in Zweineh. This confirms that the terrorists, regardless of the extent and duration of the enemy bombings, have learned how to counter them. Not surprisingly, they continue to strike as soon as they cease.

The war between pro-Turkey militias in Idlib and Aleppo is also deepening. The minister of the University of HTS was kidnapped, tortured and killed by unknowns

Further north, however, there is a new chapter in the internal war between the pro-Turkish militias. Fayez al-Kheleif, minister of the University of the Salvation Government in Idlib was murdered after being kidnapped five days ago. The man’s body was found near the village of al-Tawana in the west of Aleppo. Moreover, signs of torture were found on his body. The Salvation Government is the “civilian” wing of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Syrian Qaedist group allied with the TAF, which controls the quadrant and manages Ankara’s increasingly scarce aid to local formations. Local sources speculate that it is the revenge of some small entity against the prevarications of HTS towards its minor “associates” and that soon there could be other similar episodes. The situation in the area, in fact, continues to heat up dangerously.

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