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Syria, Russia-Turkey joint patrols in Idlib arrive in Ariha

Russia-Turkey joint patrols in Idlib for the first time pass Nayrab and arrive in Ariha. Progress, however, is only given by a large array of TAF. The crisis with the population of the Syrian province and the militias, in fact, worsens

Little progress for Russia-Turkey joint patrols on the M4 in Idlib. The eleventh convoy managed to pass Nayrab for the first time, arriving in Ariha. Here, however, it encountered a harsh protest from the population, with throwing stones, and had to go back. The step forward, however, is due exclusively to an imposing deployment of forces by the TAF both to protect the vehicle column and along the road section traveled. The inhabitants of the Syrian province, in fact, strongly oppose the presence of foreign military personnel in the area and the climate of tension in the quadrant is increasing. This is also thanks to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s (HTS) attempts to become leaders, to the detriment of rival militias, exploiting hatred against Ankara and Moscow troops. Therefore, there are fears of the outbreak of accidents which in short could trigger a chain reaction with unpredictable results.

In Deir Ezzor the SDF and Inherent Resolve tight ranks against Isis. Work is being done to prevent possible attempts by Daesh to extend the influence, not only west of the Euphrates, after the transfer of Iranian militias elsewhere

Meanwhile, in Deir Ezzor the SDF and Inherent Resolve have intensified the hunt for Isis. A joint operation against an Islamic State group has ended in the past few hours, leading to the death of two jihadists. In addition, Kurdish Arab forces carried out several raids between Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban to dismantle the logistics and support cells in Daesh. The area is the main point from which terrorists infiltrate east of the Euphrates. Here, in fact, the networks of facilitators, who deal with “sorting” men within the Syrian region or bringing them to the borders with Iraq, operate. Moreover, the recent transfer of Iranian militias from Deir Ezzor to other places in the country has raised the alarm about possible IS attempts to raise their heads and try to extend the influence. Not just west of the river. As a result, efforts are being made to reduce risks.

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